The carpet is intimately linked to Moroccan houses either as comfort furniture or as an art masterpiece. Their decoration and colors give the houses a stylish touch, light with its calm and protect them from heat and cold. The patterns of Moroccan carpets are distinguished from their village and urban origins and their combined techniques.

Rural Carpet:

Rural carpet: it is considered the fruit of the creative imagination of Berber women in the atlas and the reflection of their spirit and world. Everything has meaning and symbol in this carpet: Colors inspired by nature, designs …
The thin, moveable, ornate, orbiting, and its magnificent geometric lines, (triangles, squares, cubes, rectangles …) blend into the decor to be used, depending on tastes, as covers, mattresses or decorations for the lands and walls.

Urban carpet:

The urban carpet is characterized by its decoration, which contains plant shapes (the tree of life) or Islamic motifs. They have a rich decoration that engages different styles of color, with plenty of design and elegant rose-colored edges. Moreover, the carpet’s originality is embodied in the perfection and the harmony of colours. Rabat, Fes, and Mediouna are considered to be the production center of this carpet.