Leather art

Leather art is one of the sources of pride and one of the most specialized disciplines in traditional Moroccan industry. His reputation is solid, but it is the source as exception of the term “Marocinery”, which means leather material.

Leather is taken over all fields with its flexibility and stiff. Every type of leather has its own use according to its characteristics, and for every kind of leather, the exceptional work of our traditional industries provides us with the best products: Slippers, poofs, sadles, sofa … Each piece embodies the spirit of the craftmen who provides legendary professionalism and skill.

There are different techniques of leather art in Morocco: “Consult” or extractor leather, embroidered leather, embroidered leather, gold embossed leather or colored striped leather.

The leather industry is a tradition rooted in the culture of the largest Moroccan traditional industrial cities such as Marrakech, Fez and Rabat.